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Welcome to Bayaan Academy

Surah Alaq - Al Quran

Surah Alaq - Al Quran

We are pleased to welcome you to our ‘Supplementary School’ and inShaaAllah by establishing a
successful mutual partnership; we can effectively educate your child/ren.

Altrincham Bayaan Academy was set up in 1996 in response to the needs of a growing local Muslim community. Our aims and Objectives are 

  • Teaching of the Qur’an with effective reading that incorporates the rules of tajweed, in addition to the memorisation of surahs and duaas.
    Islamic Studies teaching that incorporates the message, meaning and practice of Islam.
  • Developing and instilling Islamic characteristics that are espoused through the Quran and Sunnah.
  • Providing a friendly environment that promotes interaction amongst other Muslim children.
  • Helping to develop and inspire confidence around Muslim identity and nurturing an Islamic character.
  • Using innovative teaching methods to convey the message, meaning and practice of Islam.
  • Islamic Studies teaching - study of Islamic beliefs, practices, history and science. Also encouraging the
    pupils to discuss contemporary issues and create point presentations that are presented to peers.
  • A two year AQA programme gaining a GCSE in Religious Studies with 50% Islam and 50% Christianity.

We aim to equip pupils with the skills to proficiently read the Qur’an, but it may not be necessarily completed by the end of their education at Bayaan Academy. Due to time constraints, the quality of reading and understanding is prioritised over the amount read.

Bayaan Academy classes are split into Primary and Secondary levels.

Age Groups and Classes

Bayaan Primary caters for primary school pupils aged 4 to 11. Pupils are placed in classes according to their Qur’anic reading ability. Islamic Studies pupils are grouped corresponding to school year group/age. Classes range from Reception to Year 6.

Bayaan Secondary caters for secondary school children aged 11 to 16. Pupils are placed in classes according to their
Qur’an reading ability. Islamic Studies is grouped to correspond to school year groups/age.